I don't know PA, quoting yourself?
1)As far as electronic certification goes I am in favor of it.
Not a CDIA style test rather a more comprehensive test centered on
maintaining record integrity in a n electronic environment.
Handling electronic records is different from handling paper records. Lets
see if we can all get on the same page with it
Being so low on the totem pole, and as Robin Tew pointed I am getting big
around the belly, I guess some might view that as a ground swell.

2)Geeez guys can we wait until they do something to torque us off. The board
hasn't even gotten out there to speak yet and we are asking why they didn't
present the other side. I don't know PA the temp in Idaho is up and patience
is thin here. Just seems to me we are getting bent about things a little
early in the process some times.

I have to get ready for my 20 minute commute through gentle rolling
foothills of the Bitterroots. Must make sure I don't become distracted by
the wild life or the breeze coursing through the standing golden wheat.

Chris Flynn

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