Hi all and apologies for cross-posting

I am currently locked in mortal combat (well it feels like it) with the IT
section in my organisation regarding their need to implement measures to
reduce the amount of information stored by employees on network drives.
Understandably, the IT section wishes to reduce the amount of information
stored in order to reduce costs, reduce the need for extra servers to be
bought etc.  However, their answer to the problem is to tell people to
"delete information you don't need" which doesn't really take into account
the records management requirement to retain corporate information.  We
don't have an EDMS/ERMS (yet) and so I'm looking for some interim measures
that I can implement until we do have an EDMS/ERMS.

I'm wondering therefore if any of my learned colleagues have examples of
disk space / network storage policies within use within their organisations
that you might be prepared to share with me.  I am particularly interested
in policies which take into account the combined needs of IT and RM.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Regards, Bernadette

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