Gus, you make a good point.

No to oversimplify the issue, my personal opinion is that if you were to buy
a product at a store, were not happy with the service or the actual product,
would you then shop there again?  I work hard for my money, so in my mind,
the choice is quite clear.  Can I effect change in the way they run their
business, types of products they sell or treat their customers?  If not,
then I would submit to you that it is time to move on.  Also, I do believe
ARMA has merit and is truly an honourable organization.  However, we as
individuals are free to make our own choices on how and where to spend our
money.  I also, like others, am challenged with time constraints and
therefore wish to spend the time I do have wisely, on things, products and
services that are  meaningful, have value and a provide a return on my
investment.  Cheers.

John A. Gervais
Program Manager
Business Development and Strategic Planning Division,
Information Management Directorate,
Finance and Administration Branch,
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency,
16th Floor, Albion Tower, 25 Nicolas Street,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0L5

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Well, much talk these days about ARMA.  It just seems to me that most of
the commentary is going unheard...and therefore has little opportunity to
make a difference.

Just perhaps a reminder....the greatest power each of us has to create
change is not in trying to change the behavior of others...but rather our
own...behavior, actions, etc.  You are the one person you have the most
influence over.  Therefore, I suggest...and not meaning this as sarcasm or
the like....simply drop your ARMA membership.  That will do more than a
billion statements of "what's wrong with ARMA leadership" to change the
organization to be more responsive to the members.

I dropped mine.  I simply refuse to spend my, or anybody elses money, for
something that I deem (for me or the organization I work for) worthless.

Spoken fairly direct...but that's just the way I feel about it.

Gus Harris
Records Manager
University of West FL
Pensacola, FL

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