>(Originally posted to the ARMA Forum)
>Something has been nagging at me over the past couple of days, and in the
>true ARMA style, I decided to post the question on a Friday. =)
>Is there a conflict of interest, or at absolute minimum an issue of
>propriety of having individuals on both the BoD and/or in Leadership
>positions of ARMA and SII??
>While I know it's a common practice in Corporate America to have BoD
>members of a "parent company" also on the BoD of a wholly owned subsidary,
>they aren't general in positions charged with the responsibility of making
>decisions regarding the funding of or the financial status of the subsidiary.
>How does this sit with Kansas and Delaware Corporate Laws?
>Larry Medina

For any of you that would be interested in seeing the response to this post
from a candidate for President Elect, Gisele has responded with her opinion
on the subject to the ARMA Forum.  If you don't have access to the Forum
and would like to see either her comments or my response to her, let me
know and I'll post it here.

No sense posting it otherwise.... but it would be interesting to see
responses from how many ARMA members there are here that :

1) Don't have access to the Forum
2) Regularly access the Listserv for ARMA related information
3) Are interested in the Candidate's responses to questions raised so they
can make a decision for the election


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