You can do the same in Lotus Notes, using rules.

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> Yes, today I've had it today.  I don't have the time to delete all those
> messages and, of course, not a second to read them.  It really gets out
> hand often!  I'm interested in relevant postings that will enhance my
> ability to do my job, something that I don't know and need to know.
Anne do you use MS Outlook? If so you can very easily control the postings
from the listserv by setting up a special folder for them. ONce the folder
set up you can then use the Rules Wizard to direct all postings from the
listserv to that folder. Then you can read them or delete them at your
leisure. You can sort them so that all postings with the same subject
can be deleted by clicking and highlighting them all and then hitting the
delete key.

One final tip Do you have your email account set up so that it notifies you
when a new email arrives? If so then you should turn that off.

Let the software control the postings. you set up the rules, the email will
follow the rules.

AND if daily postings are too much then you can do one of the following

1. set your account to nomail and then review the listserv postings from
listserv archives.

2. set your accoung to digest. Receive all of the previous days postings in
one package.

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