Part of what we hope to accomplish with the task force is to have many eyes
and hands to help make efficient communications to the membership and back
to HQ and the Board. As I am sure you have surmised, I am a strong proponent
of communication (with good information to go along with it) and one of the
charter members of this listserv, so I don't mind playing the role of
liaison. I agree with the need for the broadcast message to the membership,
particularly since some electronic voters are neither listserv members or
forum users, but apparently such a message could not be sent to the
electronic voters unless the new ballot went with it. I am not a techy, so I
won't even try to explain why or pretend that I know the exact reason. I
hope that doesn't portend that such an ability won't be available in the

I do hope that people begin to see that communications, while certainly not
perfect, are beginning to be more timely and effective. I also hope you
realize that your voice is being heard. This is a work in progress. If I
remember correctly, Rome was not built in a day, and while this process
shouldn't be analogous to such a huge undertaking, it is still a process
that has a long road ahead of it till we are all at a level of comfort that
things are working as they should be.

Dianne Hagan
ARMA Communications Task Force

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