Monica, thanks for speaking on behalf of your chapter. The CNY Chapter of
ARMA also did not celebrate SIMM and since there was no NRIMW we just stayed
silent on the issue. We still gave basic RIM workshops for non-profit
organizations, however, in June (not April) in the old spirit of NRIMW. Much
of our membership also feel they get their best benefits at the chapter
level, and although we are not opposed to the dues increase, we do hope that
their necessity will be duly justified and should not in any way reflect
losses incurred by the SII conference or other monies being promised to SII.

We make it a habit of discussing these things at our meetings, so I feel
confident, even though I am the immediate past president now, that I am
accurately reflecting the collective opinion of our chapter. In fact I
introduced the SII concept to the membership right after the Las Vegas
meeting where it was first introduced at the Leadership meeting.

I have rather strong feelings about the SII concept and feel it is a fuzzy
concept at best that will certainly be re-invented as needed it appears.
What is discouraging is that many of us have attained the respect and due we
deserve for bringing the type of service to our companies many only dream
of, but I personally feel our efforts have been diminished by SII and its
condescending message that we are 'behind the times.' Far from it. We've
been keeping up with the times, and the best indication of that is that
senior management is trusting us to do what needs to be done to ensure the
protection and retention of the corporate information assets. I don't need
to be a techno-genius to make that happen nor do I need to be the
info-omniscient-wizard. I just need the respect of my senior management and
colleagues who turn to me whenever they are looking at new ways to store,
manipulate and access information. At this huge multi-national corporation,
there are few people who DON'T know my name and what I do, and I am glad my
department reports to the General Counsel of the corporation because what we
do has more to do with the human side of information and its use than the
technological side which is just a tool to get to the human side. RIM has it
all over SII in that respect. It understands the true role of technology and
doesn't let it drive the program.

I hope all the membership takes this seriously as I have counseled the
membership at CNY to do and votes accordingly during the election. READ WHAT
THE CANDIDATES HAVE TO SAY. This is YOUR organization.

My 2.5 cents, and not one whit representative of my role on the
Communications Task Force.

Dianne Hagan
Immediate Past President, CNY ARMA

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