We have taken a different approach. As Mary has said- the IT folks in our
facility do not really perform an archiving function. Archiving of records
is performed by the Document Management group through our Document
Management system following a record management procedure and utilizing our
record retention schedule. Archived information is tracked in the database
and archived as a digital image on high quality CD (must be coated with
pthalacyanide dye). In the cases where hardcopy is involved it is tracked in
the database, bar-coded and sent to a record center.  The IT folks simply
perform a daily back-up task on tape for all electronic servers and this
information is automatically deleted after 30 days. There is a monthly
back-up that is kept for 1-year. As Mary has said- it is extremely difficult
to recover this information for the end user. These tapes are not the
official records for the facility. This is a courtesy for the personnel at
the facility.

We have evolved into an electronic workflow facility that utilizes
electronic tools for sharing information. Our routine work process utilizes
electronic files and folders in a structured manner. Unfortunately it is not
managed by the DMS from cradle to grave, which is what you should be
targeting for. This is our ultimate goal.

All of this is not as complex as it might sound. Most people are using some
sort of database where they work. The database holds the index and using
your record retention schedule as the baseline for the index you can build a
very good coded table for the user world. Adding PDF files, as well as
scanned images, you are half the way home. Most good databases will accept

Mike Popkin
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        I have not gone through this but if you have any IT people still
        with the back up tape library, you will find that they speak a
        language.  They mean different things when they say Archive from
        records people do.  The records mgmt people manage categorization
        differently from IT too.  IT seem to practice backup by labeling the
        as to the week or time they conducted the back up.  The tapes are
        indexed and would take a long time to search if there were a true
        An advantage to the RM folks managing the back up tape library is
that the
        vital records management should be better handled.

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        Subject: IT and Records Management

        Has anyone gone through having records management merge with thier
IT groups
        back up and archival tape department.  If so, what were the reasons
        this and how did you accomplish it?  We are looking at having
        management be in charge of the back up tape library.

        Thanks for your help!!

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