Bill Roach wrote:
>Can you name a single unit of government or business that has never been
involved in some kind of scandal?

Yes. See address below.

Being in a local government that reorganizes about every 6 months, and
having sat on solemn committees that analyze these reorganizations with the
greatest seriousness, usually undermining the compelling argument that
justified the previous reorganizations (which of course will justify another
reorganization somewhere down the road) all I can say is: if the people you
are working for/with are good, supportive, intelligent, willing to take
risks, and fun to work with - stay there! I don't care if it's the
Department of Stinky Stuff, if the management team is competent and
supportive (made more so by having the great advantage of having a records
manager as part of their team - this goes without saying), then you're in
the right place. When it comes to organizational questions, it's the quality
of the people involved that will prove far more important than any possible
organizational logic you can muster.

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