Thank You for the detailed explanation and clarification.
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NARA develops retention polices and procedures, along with general
schedules, that apply primarily to federal agencies.  Most states typically
have an organization similar to NARA that provides RM guidance to
governments in each respective jurisdiction.

Here in Virginia, the Library of Virginia (LVA) publishes general schedules
that apply to state and local governments.  Most of the records created and
maintained by a local government can be found on one of these general
schedules.  For state agencies, that is a different matter.  In VDOT, for
example, approximately 60% of the records series I manage are unique to our
agency.  For these, I must go through the same records management process
private companies; inventory, research and analysis, etc.

Per our governing law (the Virginia Public Records Act) approval authority
rests with the LVA; our Attorney General's office (we have no legal staff
our own, which is somewhat amazing for a 10,000+ employee agency) has no
part in this.  And you will find that the approval process within each
is different, although a few are similar to Virginia's.

Bruce L. White, CRM
Manager, Records and Document Services
Virginia Department of Transportation
(804-) 786-0954
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Then what is National Archives and Records Administration and why do they
have retention schedules developed for governmental agencies?  And if you
are a governmental agency do you not use these?  How about GSA, don't you
prescribe to these schedules?  I know in companies I've worked with that
General Services Administration retention schedules needed to be followed.

Please clarify.
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