Hi, Carla,
We provide storage for semi-active and inactive records.

I use Accounting's Cost Center number, which corresponds (usually) to a
department.  Most people know their cost center number.  The names of
departments change whimsically, some have a name that Accounting calls
them, used on records and the name they call themselves.  These are the
lowest level.  They are grouped by division, which is a different field in
my database.  I use many of Accounting's division numbers except the
duplicate ones (Why were two divisions assigned the same number?  I do not
know!)  Since reports show the division name only, I can get away with it.

Yes, as Larry mentioned, cost centers split, merge and become obsolete,
also with no rhyme or reason.  It is my job to make sure that the records
follow the function - whichever cost center provides the service has
primary access to the records.

Tried and true?  No, just as "...simple as possible, but not simpler" as
Albert Einstein said.

Lorinda Kasten-Lowerre
Records Analyst
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Torrance, California, USA
Member  ARMA, The Association for Information Management Professionals
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