I tend to agree with Chuck in that:

>Orgs have put their head in the sand on
> voice mail
> because the perceived difficulty in managing the medium.  The
> difficulty of
> managing a medium should not free an org from the mandates of properly
> managing records.

I know that no retention program will ever be perfect, but how are
organizations currently coping with this issue?  I agree with the theory
that these records should be maintained according to content, not medium.
Unfortunately agreeing with "how" things should be done doesn't always lead
to "what" should be done.

Our State Agency also had a voicemail -> .wav system in place before the
records program, which is now in its infancy.  People are just now getting
comfortable with these technological advancements, after being told that we
must be in order to remain competitive in today's workforce.  Now records
professionals find that we must ask employees to organize the wealth of
information, on a variety of media, passing over their desks every day.
People are often confused and frustrated with the daunting and time
consuming task of organizing email, voicemail, and the other electronic
records roaming their desktop.  I'm sure most of us are not in any hurry to
jump on this wasp nest, even though we may agree with the idea that it must
be done.  This is especially true if these actions were not previously
required of employees, and the organization appears, on the surface, to be
running smoothly without such measures.

I'm interested in hearing responses from people who've formally grappled
with this issue at any level in their organizations, whether successful or
not.  Although I wouldn't be too quick to broadcast my failures on the
listserve, often just as much is learned from failures as the tales of
victory.  A great example of this was a previous post about a
less-than-successful EDM system implementation.  Of course, all input on
this valuable (and surprisingly professional, for such a large group of
people) resource is appreciated more than words can express - whether
failure, success, or theory.

Alicia "Still Quite Green" Mallory
Records Analyst
Teacher Retirement System of Texas

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