What could be done to convince upper management that membership in ARMA is a
good investment for the organization?"..............

It may also be beneficial to look within our organizations to see if there
are other "professional" associations staff belong to (memberships), which
are being subsidized or paid for by the organization and to see how they are
being justified? In other words, do our homework and make a good case.

In the 20 years I have been in the Records/Information management field I
have seen a shift in the way records/information management is being viewed
in organizations.  I believe, albeit slowly, organizations are finally
understanding the importance of responsibly managing their information.

Where you see reluctance in paying for a membership in ARMA, as an example,
could be indicitive of how much an organization understands the importance
of responsible management of their information assets.  I have seen first
hand engineers, accountants and planners who have had little or no
difficulty in securing financing for their memberships and conversely an
information management "professional" being turned down.  Are we too not
"professionals"? I digress, as this is endemic in many organizations and
doesn't sit well with me.

I truly believe we are on the right track with making our case on the
importance of responsible management of our corporate information, but until
senior management "get it" we will still be struggling to make our case or
justifying a membership in an association like ARMA.

My final thoughts.  Great feedback on this subject.  Thank you.

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What could be done to convince upper management that membership in ARMA is a
good investment for the organization?"

Peter raised a very good question. At this time, when thinking of the
approaching ARMA International conference and also when trying to justify
our membership, we may need some justification to our management. I hope
that the following is of help to you.

1.     ARMA International provides us education in records and information
management standards, procedures and techniques. It provides us education in
how to conduct our records management program in a professional and ethical
manner. It does this through seminars, conference presentations,
publications, and through local chapter presentations.

2.     ARMA International enables us to establish and maintain professional
contacts that help in the resolution of our problems. These contacts assist
us to reduce the time it takes for responsibilities to be fulfilled that
require external knowledge and research.

3.     ARMA International membership and support provides additional
justification that our organization is maintaining a proper records
management program. That we are concerned with the education of our
employees and the support of the leading association that promotes ethics,
and professionalism in information management and in particular records

4.     ARMA International is continually through its committees and special
interest groups been promoting research and providing us with the benefits
of this research.  It has been providing this in industry specific areas,
standards development, evolving technology, and government regulations to
name a few.

5.     ARMA International helps us to reduce our costs. I am not just
referring to the discounts provided to us through our membership. We are
provided vendor access and relationships that enable us to make comparisons
so that we can choose the most cost effective products for our use. ARMA
International has over 10,000 members. This membership provides us with more
clout when we need to resolve problems and enables us to achieve greater
vendor discounts because they recognize that our organization is not
isolated. It does not stand-alone.

6.     ARMA International helps us to maintain a competitive advantage. By
our application of the information we gain, and through the use of the
contacts we make, we are able to reduce our costs and perform our mandatory
organizational requirements in information and records management in a cost
effective manner. These advantages gained through our ARMA International
support, and membership enable us to perform our functions with reduced risk
of major financial loss during audits, compliance review, and litigation.
Other organizations, including our competitors, who are not members of ARMA
International, are therefore at a competitive disadvantage.

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Subject: Re: ARMA Membership Justification

Oops! Been a long day already!

Peter K wrote:
"My question was (paraphrasing) What hard objective evidence can you
to  management that your ARMA membership must be maintained by the
organization. I know what benefits ARMA purports to provide, but what do
get from the association that you can't get elsewhere? What does ARMA
provide that you really really must have?"

I would love to see what people have to say about this subject. I agree
that these are positive questions that can  help new people like me
convince management that a large chunk of the archives budget should be
spent on ARMA membership. Discounts to national meetings and workshops that
are not local are not convincing enough - my travel budget is just too

I look forward to reading people's ideas. :)


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