The Personnel Department keeps its verification records for 90 days, whether
it is a written reply or a log of telephone inquiries.  (Since I work for a
public agency, most of the employment information is public record.  We are
prohibited from requiring that requests be in writing.)

Verification of enrollment or educational achievement by our students is
another story, and regulated by FERPA.  That isn't really pertinent to your
situation, however.

Robin Tew
Supervisor, Records Management
Pinellas County Schools

...sweltering in July, but still enjoying life in sunny Florida!

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>Subject: Employment Verification Check Forms Retention
>Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 10:31:35 -0600
>I've been asked by our HR department to determine how long we need to keep
>employment verifications.  These are not the I-9 checks, which must be
>retained for three years, but are rather the forms that are filled out by
>credit companies and others requesting employment verification, as it is
>company policy not to give out any such information over the phone.
>I've looked and haven't been able to find anything that deals with this
>type of internal form.  Any ideas or suggestions where to look?
>Charis Wilson
>Records Manager
>Tom Brown Inc.
>Denver, CO
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