I thought I offered my final thoughts on this issue, however I am enjoying
this discussion because it has such relevance.  One of the hot topics as of
late is "knowledge management".  This is based on a foundation of continuous
learning, collaboration and sharing of information and knowledge.  It has
been my pleasure over the years, that upon my return from a conference, to
draft up a report on what took place and share this and any other
information gathered with my fellow colleagues.  This is an investment in my
knowledge base as well as others.

It is my personal opinion that it would be ludicrous for an employer not to
invest in its most valuable resource, it's employees, based on a fear that
they would take this knowledge and leave!  An organization based on
knowledge sharing and continuous learning is a healthy one.  Would it not be
in the best interest of the organization to invest in its employees then,
through membership in a professional organization?  This would be a
significant investment in my future and they would avail themselves of
knowledgeable and well informed employees.  Sometimes to realize a Return on
Investment (ROI) one must put a hand in their pockets.   Cheers.

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