Hello to clscott,
I am sorry to hear that you have not been able to renew your ARMA
membership. I hope that you will be able to do so in the future. ARMA is an
active evolving organization itself. It has members who are leaving and
others who are joining. As has been pointed out in prior conversations many
new membership benefits can be added. But, many are presently being provided
for us.
 clscott wrote:
"My thanks to the folks who keep the list apprised of SII, evaluate the
concept and try to clarify it."
My response:
You are welcome, I am sure that we will all keep trying.
But, please do not be swayed by the vocal few who oppose SII. They keep
trying to stir up opposition to the fine leadership and direction that the
ARMA International Board of Directors has taken. We should ask questions.
But, we should try to understand and follow the direction of the leaders who
have been elected. They are volunteers who are trying to provide for us, and
our fellow members.
 Sometimes opposes of SII create false acronyms and then ridicule them. They
even ridicule spelling and grammar to sway others. But don't be fooled by
these techniques.
Those in oppositions to SII cannot seem to understand that SII is evolving
and in its infancy. The details will change over time but the basic
principals associated with it should remain. They misstate the purpose of
SII. But this is usually because as they themselves say they are confused.
It will take time for them to fully understand and realize the benefits to
ARMA's membership from the existence of SII.
clscott wrote:
Why is SII coming into existence?  What is SII doing that ARMA
isnt?  Was ARMA falling down on the job?  Is ARMA abdicating its RIM
leadership role.  If SII achieves a certain level of success, will ARMA
cease to exist?  Is SII ARMA's answer to the Information Management
sector's challenge to RIM?  Is it the best answer?

My response:
You raise a lot of valid questions. Based on information provided by ARMA
International, and by SII we can determine their intent from the statement
they make that I have quoted below. Take a look at the resource list on the
SII website. You will notice that ARMA International is listed with many
other organizations under Information and Records management. It is not the
only organization in this area. Also other organizations that deal in areas
that ARMA International does not influence are listed. Why is this? It is
because the scope of SII is larger than that of ARMA International. Why then
did ARMA International create SII? ARMA Internationals Board of Directors
realized that, in the future, through the influence of SII all information
management professionals would benefit, including records managers. (Please
refer to the SII business plan summary on the ARMA website for more details)
ARMA is not abdicating its RIM leadership role! It is enforcing it by trying
to lead its membership toward more modern methods.
Please read the following information from the SII website:
About the Strategic Information Institute
Information is one of the most powerful competitive assets organizations
have today. Consequently, marketplace dominance may well be determined by
how well an enterprise manages its information.
The Strategic Information Institute (SII) promotes best practices and ethics
in managing information strategically as an asset. SII will enable
organizations to meet their maximum potential in efficiency,
competitiveness, and profitability. We educate and develop senior management
professionals and offer accreditation programs that equip their
organizations to maximize profit and also assure business continuity in the
face of disaster.
SII was founded by ARMA International, the association for information
management professionals. The Institute was developed to create an industry
consortium consisting of academic institutions, professional associations
and societies, industry trade groups, high-tech companies, Fortune 500,
research groups, government agencies, and others. This consortium will
emulate the broad and diverse perspectives on the solutions to information
management issues, and through consensus building will deliver best
Comment: Aren't these fine goals. Don't be swayed into joining those who
oppose this ARMA initiative. ARMA International needs to maintain its
leadership position in supporting information management professionals and
maintain its influence in SII.
clscott wrote:
And, by the way, ARMA does not stand for  "the association for
information management professionals".
My response:
Check the ARMA website,
ARMA is the association for information management professionals

I know that many of you on the listserve are not taking an active role in
opposition to SII. Many of you are observing, and trying to figure all this
out. But, in addition to these listserve comments, take a look at what's
occurring within information management. Take a look at what's going on
within ACM, AIIM, and many other organizations. When you do, I think that
you will see that ARMA's lead in establishing SII may have been awkward but
it is a good one.

I hope this information and my views will be of assistance to all of you.

David K. Kasparian

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