The Mercury News 7/21/02
Lawyers compete for evidence in eBay auctions
By Lisa Girion
Los Angeles Times
After a heated bidding war on eBay, Mark Lanier recently paid $2,125 to win a
1941 Naval Machinery manual.
It sounds like a peculiar collecting hobby, but to Lanier it was serious
business. The Houston lawyer, who sues companies on behalf of asbestos
exposure victims, was bidding against a defense lawyer to get his hands on an
evidentiary trophy filled with details on where and how asbestos was used
aboard ships.


New York Times 7/22/02
Some Serious Word-Scrambling at Yahoo
hat is "reviewuation of medireview art retrireview?"
It's what "evaluation of medieval art retrieval" looks like after it has
through a Yahoo e-mail filter.
If that looks like a find-and-replace search gone haywire, that's because it
Yahoo has been quietly using its find-and-replace filter on HTML-formatted
e-mail for years, confounding some users who see their words change
mysteriously in transit.

CNBC 7/23/02
Sikorsky Aircraft Goes Live With Digital Paper to Improve
Manufacturing and Supply Chain Efficiencies; Six-week
Implementation Provides Immediate Benefits

Chicago Tribune 7/23/02
A Little Fanfare for Man Who Foiled Nixon
Politics: A by-the-book guard at Washington's Brookings Institution is honored
for thwarting a 1971 burglary ordered by the president.


Washington Post 7/23/02
Soviet-Era Atrocity Unearthed in Ukraine
Remains of 225 Apparently Killed by Secret Police Are Found at Monastery
By Peter Baker
ZHOVKVA, Ukraine -- For two years, the Rev. Volodymyr Dolganyuk lived in the
spartan room at a monastery here studying the word of God. For two years, he
had no idea that just beneath his feet lay the work of unspeakable evil.

New York Times 7/25/02
Net Users Try to Elude the Google Grasp
HE Internet has reminded Camberley Crick that there are disadvantages
to having a distinctive name.
In June, Ms. Crick, 24, who works part time as a computer tutor, went to a
Manhattan apartment to help a 40-something man learn Windows XP.
After their session, the man pulled out a half-inch stack of printouts of Web
pages he said he had found by typing Ms. Crick's name into Google, the
popular search engine.

New York Times 7/25/02
At Airport X-Ray Machines, a Mountain of Forgotten Laptops
MACK STRASSER was catching a flight home to Dayton, Ohio, from Washington in
March when he was pulled aside at a security checkpoint at Dulles
International Airport. Agents waved a magnetic wand over him, asked him to
remove his belt and searched his shoes, all while his carry-on luggage sat on
the X-ray conveyor belt.
Frazzled and running late after the lengthy search, Mr. Strasser quickly
grabbed his belongings and rushed to his gate. When he arrived in Dayton he
realized that his laptop carrying case was lighter than usual: he had left
his Dell Latitude computer behind at Dulles.

Richmond Times Dispatch 7/25/02
Pharmacy records moved abruptly
Telephone message informs customers
Luz Garcia knew the Phar-Mor store near her was closing, but she expected to
get more than a day's notice that the pharmacy inside was shutting down early.
As of yesterday, pharmacy records from the two Phar-Mor stores in Richmond -
at 155 Wadsworth Drive in Midlothian Market and at 9699 W. Broad St. in Glen
Allen's West Park Plaza - have been transferred to CVS Pharmacy stores near
the closing stores.

New York Times 7/26/02
From a Broken Laser Pointer to an Online Auction Giant
Jerry Marcus, a tall, soft-spoken accountant from Queens, New York, already
had 1,500 clothing irons, but he was hunched over his computer at home,
bidding on one more."
This suspenseful moment comes in Paragraph 1, Chapter 10 of "The Perfect
Store: Inside eBay," Adam Cohen's new book about the most successful company
in Internet history, the world's leading sponsor of electronic auctions. Will
the tall, soft-spoken accountant from Queens succeed in acquiring clothing
iron 1501? I won't spoil it for you by telling. Suffice it to say that eBay
has made it big by letting the Jerry Marcuses of the world peddle antique
clothing irons to other Jerry Marcuses.

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