What are the complaints?

1. SII doesn't do anything to benefit ARMA Membership.

2. SII shouldn't provide through its relationships with other organizations
products, which might benefit the ARMA membership.

3. SII so far has been fully funded by ARMA International; it doesn't make a
profit so that it could return financial benefit to ARMA.

4. Even though SII is owned entirely by ARMA International we should worry
that providing a publication through the ARMA bookstore might help it to
make a profit independent of ARMA. (But then it is 100% owned by ARMA, isn't

4. SII has disclosed in its summary business plan that it is going to
develop strategic alliances, business relationships, and a consortium of
organizations both public and private in order to carry out its mission.

5. SII has not been disclosing all the finite details regarding each and
every alliance and relationship that it is creating or considering, so that
we can approve them as members of ARMA before it proceeds.

6. It was published that the referenced privacy publications in the ARMA
bookstore were from a relationship with an organization called the Privacy
Counsel. (Would we be happier if this was not announced?)(Isn't this
statement a disclosure?)(I wonder what other clandestine relationships exist
behind the other publications in the ARMA International Bookstore? Perhaps
ARMA members could have authored some of them? Are there clandestine
relationships there also or should we have some trust in our organizations
leadership.) Note: Nothing has yet been said as to any review of the
publications benefit, independent of its source. I also believe we are still
free to purchase or refuse to purchase these publications.

7. The Privacy Counsel seems to have business relationships with
Doubleclick, it appears to be a marketing company. I wonder if that is a
legal industry these days? Perhaps even worse yet there is a relationship
with Lexisnexis and if you go to their site you will see that they have
relationships with Bar Associations. These are the worse kind of bar
associations because they are not bartenders but lawyers. What next?

Pardon my sarcasm but I couldn't resist. If we micromanage the leadership of
ARMA International and SII they will not be able to function. They will have
to spend the bulk of their time defending their actions. There have been
meetings of the ARMA Board of directors. They have made the decisions that
have brought us to this situation. I know that some of you don't agree with
the ARMA leadership. But are these objections of so great a nature as to
require modification of ARMA By-laws? I think NOT!

David K. Kasparian

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