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> Certification - For over two years there has been a desire from
> the membership, expressed through this list, on the forum, at leadership
> meetings and directly to the Board, for an Electronic Records
> Certification.  Yes, this area is addressed in Part V of the CRM exam,
> but the feeling has been that it is not covered in enough detail,
> technology and the management issues, and does not have the impact a
> separate/add-on certificate would have.

Thank you for responding to the various issues that have been raised here on
the listserv. What concerns me is the issue of an electronic records
certification. I will have to disagree with your statement concerning the
desire for an electronic records certification. I have searched the listserv
archives back two years, the current version of the ARMA Forum back 1 year
and I can only find references within the last 3 to 6 months discussing this
issue on the listserv and nothing on the Forum.

I believe that this certification is like saying that email is to be handled
differently from other records. I would like love to see some of the data
supporting this groundswell of interest in an electronic records

>>3 Board Members have always been encouraged to attend the various
Region Meetings ...In some cases, questions come up (such as on SII) that are
not part of a presentation and the Board Member is "put on the hot seat" to
answer them<<

my original questioned posted on the Forum was that Board members were
specifically making presentations about SII and that questions were raised
then about SII. So once again (paraphrasing myself) are ARMA/SII Board
members making presentations about SII at Regional Leadership Conferences
this year. If they answer is yes are the presentations a neutral view or are
they skewed towards promoting SII? If they are promoting SII why was the
opposite viewpoint not presented?

>>2.ARMA brokers publications from many sources, and the Privacy Council is
just one of them (Commonwealth   Films is another). <<

I have no problem with brokering agreements when that is how they are
presented in an upfront manner. The Agreement with Commonwealth is great
because they offer great products. However out of the blue comes this
announcement about an agreement with the Privacy Council which is a
for-profit consulting firm. And yet there are older more established
organizations out there with great credibility with whom ARMA could partner
with eg The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC I may not always agree with everything they do, but
they are in the forefront on issues related to electronic privacy.

I do find it interesting that the founder and CEO of The Privacy Council -
Gary Clayton - is also one of the keynote speakers at this year's conference
(Tuesday Oct 1) ( How is this related
to the brokering agreement?

Once again Thank you Juanita for answering the questions. It is nice to see
ARMA utilizing the listserv for communicating with the membership.

Now I must hie myself off to bed as 3:30 a.m. EST comes real fast along with
the 3 hour commute to DC

Peter A. Kurilecz CRM, CA
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Richmond, Va

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