Mr. Kasparian still sounds as if he is calling "records analysis"---an
already existing function within records management---by another name. Most
of the recommendations he makes have been around for a long time and can be
achieved by records management's working closely with IT, Human Resources
Administration, and senior management. To the extent that that kind of
cooperation is difficult---it cannot, in my opinion, be remedied by thinking
up new names and new jargon. Being named "Strategic Information Officer" is
not likely to land one at the table at which these others sit. Mr. Kasparian
is correct that most organizations are sloppy with their information---so
are most people. They always will be. The remedy is in selling the everyday
management of information (and records), based on sound policies and
procedures and with upper management support. There is a great deal of
difficulty here, though no mystery---nor any reason to create one.

        I am still not clear---nor do I believe that Mr. Kasparian is clear,
frankly---about what it means to "[manage] in a strategic manner, with
'planning'". I hesitate to go over old ground again regarding the merits or
lack of merit in "strategic planning"---except to quote Wooldridge and
Micklethwait, *The Witch Doctors*: "Strategic planning is not strategic
thinking". To assert that "When records managers are a part of the career
path that ultimately leads to the Strategic Information Officer, they will
be viewed as more important
to the organization of which they are a part"---this is an assumption
without *any* evidence to back it up.

Ed Southern

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