If you think outside the box and rethink the 'Pairradiggum' to quote a
recent commercial on PDA's and such:

If tomorrow you wiped out the job description of records management and
information management and then watched what got rebuilt in its place, we
would see something new.

I think the lines would blur and a lot more authority would flow towards the
records management side of things, if this position could also interface the
electronic issues. This person would be much more equipped to put recorded
information into user's hands more adeptly but this person would also be
given a more iron-clad control of the records in today's environment.

Look at ENRON, Worldcom and Andersen and they are all saying the same
things.......We never knew......We didn't have all the
information.......records weren't kept in manner which allowed everyone to
be in the loop.......???

Now they are looking for a way to make the auditors responsible to the
investors not the management or the Board. THE TIME IS HERE FOR ARMA TO

Now is the time to write a job description where the records manager makes
the right records available to the auditor and the in-house accounting
people so that their is dual control accountability. The records manager
manages all information in every format because without it, chaos rules. But
this position is semi-autonomous so it can't be influenced by unethical

If ten colleagues from the records management community were to write pieces
for business publications and keep pinging them, you might be able to change
the world without Peter Hermann helping, but it would be nice if he would.
That means some Listservers need to ping him and the Board to take up this
issue because it is never,  NEVER, going to be this appropriate again.

When the President of the U.S. has to address the country about corporate
integrity it is ripe for RM's to take a role in protecting vital corporate

How about 50 letters to the White House talking about the role RM's can play
in this debacle. Here the vision of an old time records manager with a new
set of skills will play very well to the government crowd.

I would love to see some of you publish in this List what you would say to
the Wall Street Journal if they gave you a box to talk about the role of the
new records manager in the business world where integrity is much needed.
Maybe your letter here in the hypothetical will encourage others to send one
to WSJ, The New York Times, Newsweek, Washington Post. There is a VOID out
there. Who will fill it? If not you, then who?

Imagine if Peter K. gave us the email addresses for those publications and
we actually sent 50 separate letters to each Editor..........? I think a
news article would result and a dialog would be established.
Hugh Smith
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