Dave:  I have this book and have only leafed through it, but here are some
observations.  First, this book is written by two attorneys, with some
chapters written by other authors - for instance, there is a chapter written
by Joan Feldman of Computer Forensics, Inc.  The focus of this book is
primarily from the legal perspective so it has case law annotations
throughout.   I would say that this is written for the attorney who is
getting questions regarding these issues but does not have any knowledge in
these areas.

Areas of discussion:
-- the federal E-SIGN Act.
-- digital signature techology and encryption - provides basic information
-- It has an extensive Appendix - the book contents is 80 pages while the
appendices are 106 pages.  There is an appendix with a table of retention
laws, which is very minimal - 15 federal citations.  The appendix on court
decisions reviews three cases on spoliation issues and provides good
analysis of each.
-- The appendix on e-mail policy gives guidelines but no sample policy.

I suppose it depends on what you are wanting.  I found some material in this
book available on-line, such as the OMB Guidance on  Implementing the E-SIGN
Act (another appendix), and the Legal Considerations in Designing and
Implementing Electronic Process which was authored by the Department of
Justice.  There is a fair amount of case law citations and analysis.  It
covers the basics of records retention (called document retention in the
book) and addresses issues of e-mail and electronic document management

I would say that this is a good book for those new to the profession, it
gives a good overview of the legal issues involved in document retention and
destruction, and other electronic retention basics.  It also would be a good
reference book for those that want a handy resource for legal citations/case
law (on a limited basis) and some government regulations.

I hope this is helpful.

Rae Cogar
RCS Consulting
5874 Shamrock Ct., Ste. 201
Hamburg, NY  14075

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> I recently came across a reference to a book entitled, "Document Retention
> in the Electronic Workplace," by Michael Overly and Chanley Howell.
> has this book listed at $150.  Has anyone on the list read this work?  Any
> comments, suggestions, etc.  Do you think that this book is worth the

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