Just want to run a couple things past the List. Over the past couple
months I have received numerous copies of the latest and greatest virus
out there -- the "Klez" virus. This one seems to be more prevalent than
anything that has been publicized in the past couple years. One of the
"features" of this virus is its ability to randomly find a name on
someone's PC and make an outbound virus-infected message appear to have
come from someone other than the person whose computer is infected.

For more info on this virus, see:
http:[log in to unmask]

Please practice safe computing. Your most important purchase for your PC
these days is antivirus software with a current subscription to updates.
You MUST get the updates regularly. The two most commonly used antivirus
software packages are Norton Antivirus and McAfee VirusScan.

If you receive an email with an unexpected attachment, don't be curious
about that attachment. Delete the email.

If someone you know sends you an email with a completely inappropriate
message (and in particular if the text is written in broken English),
delete the email.

You should never receive a virus from RECMGMT. RECMGMT is configured to
delete any attachments from each message before forwarding the message
on to the List. If you have an attachment that you must share with the
rest of the class, you're welcome to post it at the RECMGMT Off Topic
site:  Sign up, post your
file, then send a link to the RECMGMT list. This site has a limit of

Patrick Cunningham, CRM

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