I concur with the statements made by Mike, Dwight and
others. It is rare (though not impossible) to find a
lawyer, in-house or outside counsel, who knows much
about the topic.  Prior to this time, it just wasn't on
their radar screen, and who could blame them?  You
didn't make partner at a major law firm or general
counsel at a large corporation because you knew about
records retention schedules.

Lately though, I've had discussions with a number of
corporate lawyers who seem to have recently developed
an interest in the subject of records retention
policies :)

John Montana
Montana & Associates

WALLIS Dwight D wrote:

> Mike Pemberton wrote:
>>I wouldn't trust a corporate attorney to do the whole job.
> I agree. You might also point out that a well designed retention schedule
> takes into account operational details. This helps ensure that the schedule
> will actually be applied in a practical, effective manner, and the records
> will be maintained appropriately throughout their life cycle. Most attorneys
> are completely unfamiliar with records keeping practices. As a result, I
> have rarely experienced an attorney developed retention policy that made any
> operational sense. For example: declaring all records to be permanent at a
> given location because one particular record series out of many played a
> role in long past litigation. Or, insisting upon the application of
> retention rules to all copies of a record, whether it is the record copy or
> not. Or applying the retention of one record series to other, unrelated
> record series. The list goes on.... A retention policy that ignores the
> realities of records keeping practices is not usually a good policy.
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