Hi Rae,

What is the reason for your apology? Are you apologizing for showing concern
for us?

You did do some research. Perhaps more research could have been performed,
but then we are capable of that research also.
You provided us with the sources of your information.

I for one want to thank you for the concern you have shown. I read your
e-mail this morning and it made sense.
I could have doubted it, or researched it but more important if I took it
seriously then at least I wouldn't blow up.

Especially these days I think it is important to thank someone who displays
good human caring for others and fellow feeling.

Thanks again,

David K. Kasparian

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My sincere apologies to the listserve membership for sending a message that
appeared to be a hoax.   Although I did not check the urban myth website, I
did check the PEI website and found the information to be credible, and as
pointed out in another message, checking the Snopes website did indicate
that the claim was true.  Even though the summary was incorrect in some
statements, I believe the message was factual.

Again, my apologies.

Rae Cogar
RCS Consulting
5874 Shamrock Ct., Ste. 201
Hamburg, NY  14075

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