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> believe me Mr. K, you're
> not endearing yourself to many people around here by characterizing RIM as
> a basement process.

and don't forget that in a previous posting DaveK compared RMs to
BLACKSMITHs, so I suspect that he doesn't really have much respect for the

My response:

You are incorrect again Peter, I have a lot of respect for RIM. I also have
a lot of respect for records managers. I think that respect is due them
because of their professionalism, because of their knowledge, and because of
their dedication. Not just because of their title or because of where they
have performed their work.

I have heard many RIM professionals refer to the warehouse, and basement
where they have had their offices and stored records.

I have sorted thru boxes of dusty records and set up re-boxing areas,
indexing areas, and data entry areas. I have ordered forklifts and
semi-trucks and trained temp personnel in the process we were going through
to take a warehouse full of old dusty records and a lot of other garbage and
turn it into an organized document retention center. With regard to the
projects I work on, I am a hands on kind of IT person.  My preference is in
the selection, and interfacing of the systems, the conversion of the SQL
databases, etc. But, what ever is needed to successfully complete the
project I will do, and for the record, that type of work has never been
demeaning. It was just work that had to be done.

You ought to go back and reread my illustration. When I compared the changes
in the records management profession to what happened to Blacksmiths. When
they migrated from just working on horses and buggies to becoming auto
mechanics. Why? You didn't seem to see the parallel or get the point of my

For the record I also respect both blacksmiths and auto mechanics.

You and Larry seem to be trying to demean me in the eyes of the rest of the
listserve by your statements about my lack of respect for the RIM
profession. That is not true. It is an invalid argument.

We apparently have valid differences of opinion regarding the direction
technology and the RIM profession is taking or should take. My views will
stand or fall on their own, and time will tell. I also have respect for the
RIM professionals who read this listserve and believe that they will see
that I do not demean them or their profession. They will be able to discern
our views and determine for themselves where things are headed so that they
can take the actions they deem fit.

David K. Kasparian

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