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> I have GOT to start reading CIO magazine as soon as I
> get it. The July 1 issue has a cover story of interest
> to us all. Please read this article

Actually you can get email newsletters delivered directly to you from CIO,
Darwin, KnowledgeManagement, eWeek etc. As to the article about Ethical Data
Management one should always try to review the weekly RAIN postings as you
never know what you will find 'buried' within them.  8-)

Richard Cox made a very pointed comment earlier this week in which he called
upon us all to start writing and submitting articles to various journals and
magazines. I know that a few individuals do send emails to newspapers
commenting upon some of the stories posted in RAIN.

If we want to be noticed we need to start doing things that will get us
noticed. Letters to the editors can be very effective you might write the

"I am records manager and your recent article on xxx contained some excellent
information, but let me point out some flaws/further benefits,etc."

Don't get "wrapped around the axle" or caught down in the weeds when writing,
be succinct, on topic and to the point. Write an op-ed piece for your local
paper on records issues such as privacy, HIPAA, identity theft, you name it.


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