Tampa Bay Business Journal 7/5/02
Patient records dumped
Physician arrested: Owner of storage facility finds an eyeful
Jane Meinhardt Staff Writer
TAMPA -- A physician arrested for abandoning biomedical waste in a Tampa
warehouse also left behind thousands of records containing patient
Stephen Griggs, who owns the warehouse property, said that he disposed of the
waste and records left in a facility leased by Tampa physician Dr. John M.
"We're talking about a huge amount of stuff he was storing in that unit,"
said. "There were drugs, packets of radioactive injectable material, used
and thousands of patient files. There were canisters of used gloves and trays
radioisotopes." 7/8/02
Shred Me!
Easy identity theft protection

Chicago Tribune 7/9/02
It can be a company's saving grace
Even small firms need document retention policy
By Judy Artunian
Special to the Tribune
A flurry of ill-timed document shredding helped bring the venerable
accounting firm Andersen to its knees.
Could the same thing happen to your business?
According to legal experts, it could happen to any company that doesn't have a
solid document-retention policy that employees follow to the letter.

l=chi%2Dprintbusiness%2Dhed 7/9/02
Sometimes, You've Just Got to Let Go
By David Landis
If you own these stocks, make them disappear. 7/10/02
Hospital report in
An internal hospital inquiry has recommended new systems to clear documents
from buildings, after the discovery of confidential psychiatric records in an
abandoned Sunnyside Hospital building.
But the inquiry report offers few clues as to how the records came to be left
there. The inquiry began after records were found by a woman looking through
a derelict building, which was once part of the old Sunnyside Hospital.,1008,1262483a1934,FF.html

Honolulu Advertiser 7/12/02
Secret files stolen at North Shore
Advertiser Staff
and News Services
The FBI, military and Honolulu police are investigating the theft of
classified military files from the car of a Hawai'i-based military officer
who stopped for a swim at the North Shore last month, the U.S. Pacific
Command confirmed yesterday.
The files on computer compact discs were among items taken from the trunk of
the car
parked at Waimea Bay on June 14, officials said. The officer was at the beach
with three other military officers.

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