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I'd guess there is no clear-cut answer to the question of where the RM function should reside in an organization.  Dianne and Bill make good arguments for IT and for Legal.  A person could reel off a few more logical answers, depending on ones organization and its industry.

The RM's objective should be to align their department with the area where they can exert the most influence.  And if you think you have the best situation now, don't assume it will stay that way for long.  Industry trends, mergers, reorganizations, and new bosses are a few things that may make you realize you'd be better off aligning with another area.

What Bill said is true:  you want to be at the center of the action.  And whether or not the SII proponents are going about it the right way, that's also what they want for us--to be at the center of the action, to be leaders not followers.

Gary L. Grieme
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Bill Roach said, "It is my personal opinion that IT is exactly where the RM
function should be
within state government or other organization. "

I couldn't disagree more. It belongs in legal or the Corporate Secretary's
office, where it has the teeth to enforce compliance to policies and IT
must, as every other department in the organization, be counseled and shown
how to comply. Sorry, IT departments are just the keepers of the networks,
software, servers and hardware - an important job, to be sure, but
definitely not the same thing. They don't own the information or really care
what their clients do with it or how long they keep it. RIM manages the
organization's information assets and it is important for the organization
to understand that RIM is more than just providing the means to do so, it is
the governing body. Technology is just a medium and a method, just like
paper or film. Let's not get it confused with 'the message.' (Oh, that's a
'70s reference for the youngsters out there)

My personal 2 cents again.

Dianne Hagan
Carrier Corporation

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