>>the "Klez" virus. This one seems to be more prevalent than
  anything that has been publicized in the past couple years. One of the
  "features" of this virus is its ability to randomly find a name on
  someone's PC and make an outbound virus-infected message appear to have
  come from someone other than the person whose computer is infected.<<

Thanks for the reminder. Folks this particular virus is really insidious. I can't tell you how many times it has been sent to the RECMGMT-L-REQUEST address (the addy you use if you want to contact the List Goddess, ListMom or ListPA with problems) or how many times I've received it at my home address.

Klez seems to come and go in waves, so please purchase a virus detector or upgrade your present one.

ListPA, recmgmt-l

Peter A. Kurilecz CRM, CA
Richmond, Va
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