RichardC wrote:
>> an individual should be responsible
  for the
  costs of their own membership.<<

The problem lies with the fact that as an information management professional there are many organizations that I do/should belong to. In many cases I already pick up the membership cost myself. For example a diligent RIM professional could find themselves belonging to the following national organizations

SAA (Society of American Archivists)
BFMA (Business Forms Management Association)
TAWPI (The Association for Work Process Improvement)
(and I am sure that there others I am missing)

Regional Associations - If you are an archivist you might belong to any number of regional archives associations.

If you are certified then you have the dues for one or both of the following; (I assume that if an organization requires a certification as a must have for the job then they should be willing to pay the membership)

Basically if I were to pay for all of the above my membership dues would be well over the $500 mark. Not easy to handle if they all come due in the same month.

I have thought for a long time that it would nice if the various national organizations would get together and offer a joint membership. Most professionals such as engineers, lawyers etc have generally one professional organization to which they belong. RIM professionals have a wide range.

Peter A. Kurilecz CRM, CA
Richmond, Va
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