According to Forbes magazine, "The likelihood of getting burned by
corporate records--regardless of actual guilt--has skyrocketed for every
public company". (
<outbind://14/> ).
Don't be burned - attend e-Records Solutions 2002 August 26 & 27 in
Houston, Texas.

Your business could be at risk. Businesses are getting into legal
trouble, or failing to comply with regulations because they have not
applied a structured process to the destruction of electronic corporate
records. Don't let your business be next! e-Records capability reduces
your risk of litigation, lowers operating costs, and helps prove
compliance with regulations. Attend this conference to understand the
latest e-Records technology, learn from real-life projects, and plan
your strategy to bring accountability to your electronic business

This unique conference brings together the best in e-Records technology
and knowledge. Featuring the latest technology solutions from leading
e-Records software vendors, you can compare state-of-the-art offerings.
Hear the lessons learned from those who've been there. Highly relevant,
hard-hitting practical knowledge and solutions to help you select
technology, map your strategy, and deploy e-Records capability today.


Do you know what makes a document an official record? How do you put a
legal hold on a series of documents? How does e-Records fit within your
IT infrastructure? Why can't you just embed retention rules within your
existing business applications? If you can't answer these questions, you
need to attend this conference. 

Understand e-Records. What is e-Records? How does it differ from
document/content management? What does it do, and how does it work?
e-Records fundamentals, case studies, and technologies will be
highlighted, plus a special panel "e-Records Standards". 

Make effective product selections. What's out there? Learn who is
delivering what e-Records technologies. Major e-Records technology
providers will be there, and a special panel "Major business software
vendors on their e-Records strategy" will be presented.

Benefit From Real-World Experience. Hear from the best e-Records
experts, the most significant projects, from a healthy mix of commercial
and government organizations.


This conference is focused on e-Records solutions for real business with
real risks - today! Two tracks over two days means you can get the right
mix of technology and deployment understanding.

TECHNOLOGY. How does e-Records deliver the benefit of corporate
accountability? What kinds of technologies are out there? How do they
work? What are the major business software makers doing about e-Records?

DEPLOYMENT. How do you make electronic recordkeeping a part of your
business? What is the impact on your business? What do you need to do?
What are the critical success factors? Learn from case studies of real
projects (commercial and government), and take away the valuable lessons


If you are assessing the need for e-Records, making the business case,
selecting e-Records technology, or will play a role in its
implementation, you will get tremendous value from this conference.


Registration is US$599, if paid by August 9. For details, or to
register, visit
<outbind://14/> .

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