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Organdi Quarterly invites submissions for Issue #5:
man, trees and forests (Autumn 2002)

Trees and forests define metaphors and spaces for
human thought and action. An intellectual object for
modern thinkers, they are the environment of many
others living outside modernity or refusing it. Trees
and forests have been transformed by man, but their
original idea continues to inspire art. Today they are
central in geopolitical, environmental, economical
issues, to mention only three of them.

This special issue seeks to investigate the links
between men trees and forests in our world. Possible
topics include, but are not limited to, philosophical
usage of the tree and forest image; artistic usage of
the tree and forest metaphors; ethnology of forest
people; urban anthropology of forests as leisure
places; geopolitics of forests; economy of forests and
wood; domestication of forest and usage of parks and
gardens in modern urbanism.

As usual, other contributions unrelated to the theme
of the issue will be considered for the following
sections of Organdi Quarterly:
Letters to the Editors,
Espace Libre (articles, interviews, documents),
Books, Music, Cinema & the Arts (cultural reviews),
Out of Frame (exhibitions).

Deadline: 15/09/2002

for more details visit our submission page at

for questions, send a mail to [log in to unmask]

Best regards
the Editors of Organdi Quarterly

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