"Carolyn" et al.
There are many maps of cyberspace. Telegeography is my basic source/site
for them.
Kartoo tries to do something different: maps of links between specific
nodes. I can find myself in Kartoo; I can't in a map of the entire web.
It's the difference between a whole network and an ego-network analysis.
However, I haven't had a chance to compare my sense of my web ego-network
with Kartoo's.

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> I remember seeing a print out of a "map" of links in cyberspace
> several years ago (map of links off of websites). It was in a
> professional techy (not academic techy) magazine. It was sort of
> figure eight shaped overall with a couple of bottle necks but also
> with dense links parts near the middle of the eight sort of like the
> hub of a wheel and mostly went to other dense areas relatively few
> links away, it had several larger loops with few ways in or out of
> the loops that had mostly a "ring" configuration overall (some of
> these loops were pretty distant from the center of the eight and if I
> remember correctly one had dense connections on one corner of the
> ring to outside the ring and then went mostly to stuff unconnected
> outside the ring,, there were also  several larger area that were
> pretty inner connected/dense that were very close to the "bottle
> necks".
> Carolyn
> >Kartoo is a search engine that displays network results.
> >I recall someone posting its coordinates a while ago; here is a longer
> >description.
> >
> > Barry
> >
> >(See the graphical version of this issue at
> >002/num_97.htm)
> >
> >A new meta search engine, KartOO (, was launched on A=
> >pril 25th, 2002. It=92s based on a technology developed for 3 years by Laur=
> >ent Baleydier and his team, from the company Kartoo.S.A. constituted in 200=
> >1 and successor of Alcyon Interactive Company