My apologies if this is a FAQ, or perhaps the wrong place to ask the
question, but I am a total newcomer to this list, and relatively speaking
one to social network theory as well.

I am writing my dissertation on social networks in late antique (Roman)
Egypt in the 5th and 6th centuries, and I suspect that some of my data
will be susceptible to the quantitative methods that social network
analysis permits.

In the case of one data set (of some 100 names and their links to each
other) I wanted to pose questions along the lines of: 1) which individuals
in the group are better connected to the rest of the group than their
peers, 2) where are the identifiable groups with higher density, and so

I had begun to write a crude program of my own in C, but my advisor
suggested I quit wasting my time and ask around for something that would
do the trick for me. This is where you come in. :)

I've looked at something called "negopy" and think that it may do what I
want, but I'm not sure it's worth the purchase.

I've also had "pajek" recommended to me, and I downloaded it easily
enough, but I have to admit to finding the documentation a little opaque.
The manual is (as far as I can tell) only an outline of the program's menu
options, so I would need (I think) a tutorial of some kind about how to
put a data file together, or, even better, a quick walk-through of what I
can reasonably expect this program to do for me.

So, anyone have any comments or suggestions on where I should start,
keeping in mind my novice state and nearly nonexistent math skills?
Thanks. :)

Giovanni Ruffini