Hi folks,

First the gift - I have recently been playing around with ways of producing
animations of network diagrams to better show the dynamics of relationships
between related network diagrams...a really useful tool I have found to
create movie files (.avi) is a free screen capture utility called fantastically with pajek spins and changes and also with
VRML and Mage outputs...URL is
<> . For slower computers you
may need to play with the capture and playback rates when you record...Good

Also if anyone knows a good free editor for avi files I'd love to know the them to the list for everyone if you do!

Now the request! - I have a query about Pajek which I would really
appreciate some help with...does anyone know a good way of outputting and
editing network diagrams that show loops!  I have been using ps and eps and
SVG files to no avail...any help appreciated...


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