Barry - sounds like George Lakoff's "Women Fire and Dangerous
Things: What Categories Reveal About the Mind".

Another similar set of interests for reading is Bowker and Star
"Sorting things out: classification and its consequences" -  see

for the introduction.


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On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Barry Wellman wrote:

> Many years ago, Eleanor Roesch Heider, a Berkeley psychologist, wrote
> about fuzzy categories: for example, why do we categorize dogs as dogs?
> Shades of Wittengstein and Lin Freeman (why do we see groups as groups?)
> I'd appreciate any leads to Eleanor's work. This is because a doctoral
> student of mine is writing about why different churches are categorized
> together.  (coincidentally Eleanor was my Soc Rel classmate at Harvard.)
>  Barry
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