> I've also had "pajek" recommended to me, and I downloaded it easily
> enough, but I have to admit to finding the documentation a little opaque.
> The manual is (as far as I can tell) only an outline of the program's menu
> options, so I would need (I think) a tutorial of some kind about how to
> put a data file together, or, even better, a quick walk-through of what I
> can reasonably expect this program to do for me.

   About the use of  'Pajek' we wrote a textbook
      Wouter de Nooy,  Andrej Mrvar, Vladimir Batagelj:
      Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek
   which is in reviewing process. It was also a basis for our
   SUNBELT XXII Pajek workshop.

   Besides in manual (which just describes the menus' options)
   you can get some additional information at URLs:

   best,   Vlado

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