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It seems that one must either pay $5.00 US or join AAAS in order to read this
online review.  Hmmmm.


Stanley Wasserman wrote:

it's the other name of the buchanan book (the one published
    in london, apparently).   weidenfeld and nicholson is
    the london publisher.

sorry about the confusion ....
    the buchanan book apparently has two titles:
        nexus:   small words and the groundbreaking science of
        small world:  uncovering nature's hidden networks

check out the complete pdf reprint:


Doug Bryan wrote:

    Weidenfeld and Nicholson's SMALL WORLD.

I can't find this one.  Can someone give me more details?


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ost recent issue of SCIENCE ... a review of
    Barabasi's LINKED, Buchanan's NEXUS, and
    Weidenfeld and Nicholson's SMALL WORLD.

Volume 297, pages 1124-1125.
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