On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 19:32, Ed Vielmetti wrote:
> Someone from a local complex-studies mailing list asks:
>   Actually, this reminds me of a not-unrelated item that came up
>   the other day when my niece was visiting and using our
>   broadband network.  Does anybody know of a formal examination
>   of AOL instant messenger buddy list networks? The dataset
>   would seem to be tremendous, dynamic, and potentially a great
>   and fertile subject for papers....
> Nothing comes to mind & nothing with much detail turns up with a
> quick Google search, so I thought I'd ask.

Hi Ed:

Take a look at this paper:

It's an interesting piece.  Not sure if it's been published anywhere


Prof. M. E. J. Newman
Center for the Study of Complex Systems
University of Michigan