10 Red-necked Phalarope
2 Wilson's Storm Petrel
2 Pomarine Jaeger
1 Bridled Tern (+5 unid.)

A fishing trip from Hillsboro Inlet (Broward) on Labor
Day produced some interesting pelagics. A current line
with scattered sargassum was found 7 miles east of
Port Everglades running north to Hillsboro Inlet. Two
Pomarine Jaegers were found sitting on the water here,
one a pale-phase immature, the other an adult. A nice
find were groups of three and seven Red-necked
Phalaropes feeding on the edge of the current line.
One Wilson's Storm Petrel was also found following the
current line south. This was a productive area with
lots of small bait fish in the sargassum 'nursery'.
Other sightings were as follows:
7 Least Sandpiper(c.18 miles), 1 Wilson's Storm Petrel
(c.20 miles), 1 Bridled Tern, 5 Bridled/Sooty types
(too distant), 15+ Barn Swallow and 5 Prairie Warbler
(heading south-east at 8 miles).

Mark Berney
Sunrise FL33323
Broward Co.

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