An adult male Rufous Hummingbird appeared yesterday and remains today in
the yard of Andy and Elaine Maywalt in Spring Hill, Hernando County. This
is the same yard where an adult female Rufous Hummer was banded last
January. Andy and Elaine Maywalt invite birders to see the hummer whether
they are home or not. They live at 5194 Mosquero in Spring Hill, phone
(352) 686-8195.

The Rufous and an immature male Ruby-throated Hummer came to backyard
feeders regularly this morning until 10, and from about 5 to 7 yesterday
evening. Park in front of their house, which is on the left. Go the cement
slab, which is on the left side of their house, behind the trailer.

Coming from the north or south on US-19, turn east at the light on
Northcliffe. (This is the first traffic light south of SR-50, and the fifth
light north of (CR-574) Spring Hill Drive.) Take the third right onto
Beachview Drive, and, when it dead ends, right onto Mosquero.

Bev Hansen
Spring Hill, Florida
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