Florida Birders,

Tried the north end of Lake Jackson late this afternoon, 1700 to 1840 hours.
Launched the kayak at the U.S. 27 North landing and headed east and south as
far as a quarter mile below the upper sinkhole. The passage to Little Lake
Jackson was plugged with dense vegetation so that goal was not achieved.
This end of the lake is full of various woody and other dense vegetation due
to its shallowness. The only routes available are the submerged old vehicle
trails (when the lake was dry) and partly open waters. The vehicle trails
are free of vegetation due to the soils being compacted by the mud boggers
last year and nothing will grow in them. The lake is definitely a little
lower. Had to portage an area that had a foot of water 4 to 5 months ago.

Birding was definitely better on the south end of the lake yesterday
evening. Species seen today were:

* Anhinga - 4 all males
* American Bittern - 1
* Great Blue Heron - 3
* Great Egret - 13
* Little Blue Heron - 1 adult
* Osprey - 3
* Common Moorhen - 4, two adult and 2 juvs.
* American Coot - 2
* Belted Kingfisher - 1 male
* Fish crow - 1
* Red-winged Blackbird - 4
* Boat-tailed Grackle - 3, two males, one female. Wonder if this is the
  time of year that the males shed the old retices. Both bird's tails
  barely extended beyond their primaries.

The hydrilla owns this part of the lake. It is solid wherever there is even
a hint of open water (except on the old vehicle trails).

Good birding,

Harry Hooper
Tallahassee, Florida

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