Sally and Dean Jue didn't have all the warblers today --  I had 9 species,
though two were heard only.  Some of these came to the mister,
and others were observed up in the trees at various times of the day/evening.


Blue-winged  (male)
Blackburnian  (2 first year males)
N. Parula    -2
Worm-eating  (came to bathe several times)
Tennessee  (first of season for me)
Hooded  (heard)
Pine  (heard

2 Red-shouldered hawks chasing a Red-tailed hawk

Veery  3
R-T hummers   3-4

Around 6 p.m. several empidonax flycatchers were around, including one
that may have been a Yellow-bellied.


Fran C. Rutkovsky
Tallahassee, FL
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