Birded Bald Pt. starting at 5:00 PM.  John Murphy joined about 45 minutes
later.  The storm blessed us with birds--finally!  Within a hundred yards
we had 11 species of warblers, the 3 common species of vireos, half dozen
cuckoos, several Baltimores, a half dozen pewees, and a carefully studied
(and heard) YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER.  The standout of the warblers were
(2) CANADA WARBLERS (a third was in John's yard on Alligator Pt.), and a
CERULEAN WARBLER was neat too.  Up until today I had only seen one Canada
since moving here in 1993 or '94.   Noteworthy, perhaps, is that we saw
about (14) BLACK & WHITE WARBLERS just at Bald Pt.  All this and more
within less than 100 yards.

Upon leaving Bald Pt. I drove to the end of Alligator Pt., and picked up
Blue-winged Warbler and Redstart to make it 13 warblers for the day.  It
looked as it might be as busy as the Bald Pt. end, but the light was fading.

Migrants were heard overhead last night before the heavy bands of rains
started in earnest.  I picked out SWAINSON'S THRUSH at least among the
myriads.  I was surprised to only see (1) VEERY on the ground.  But, then
again, I didn't get out until very late in the day.

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL
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