Many of the migrants that were in Dunedin Hammock yesterday obviously left
last night, but there was still a good assortment of them there today. I
had hoped that another birder with a more comprehensive list would have
posted sightings in Dunedin Hammock yesterday.

The most active area this morning was still Fern Trail, which is reached by
taking the service road east from the parking lot. We had two
concentrations of warblers on Fern Trail: just beyond the foot bridge, and
at the intersection of Fern and Palm Trails. It was near the foot bridge
that the Canada Warbler was seen yesterday, but we didn't find it today.
There is still standing water several inches deep along parts of Fern
Trail, often where the birds are concentrated, so the wading is worth it!

Migrants seen today include:
Yellow-billed Cuckoo: 2 traveling together
Eastern Wood-Pewee: many calling
White-eyed Vireo
Yellow-throated Vireo
Red-eyed Vireo
Tennessee Warbler: 5
Northern Parula: 1
Yellow Warbler: 1
Black-throated Blue Warbler: female
Blackburnian Warbler: at least 10
Yellow-throated Warbler: 1
Black-and-white Warbler: 5
Prothonotary Warbler: 8
Worm-eating Warbler: 4
Ovenbird: 5
Kentucky Warbler: 1
Hooded Warbler: 1

The directions Lyn Atherton posted are: Dunedin Hammock is located on p. 82
of DeLorme or p. 125 of Pranty's FL guide. To reach the park, take Curlew
Rd (CR 586) west from McMullen Booth Rd (CR 593) or US 19. Turn left
(south) on Alt. 19, go to Mira Vista Drive (a little more than a mile) and
turn left (east). Take a left (north) on Douglas Ave, then a right (east)
on Buena Vista which goes directly into the park. Be prepared to do lots of

Bev Hansen
Spring Hill, Florida
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