Doug wrote (in part):

 >distinguish the various species.  ABA rules would allow you to count a
 >Bicknell's Thrush if you heard it and could identify it.

Not so fast there. :-)  Bicknell's Thrush was not on the official state
list as promulgated by the FOS Records Committee in July 2001.  See:

If there has been an update of this of which I am not aware, I would be
interested in hearing about it.

During both of the past two Falls I have observed single birds in my yard
that were almost certainly Bicknell's based on both call notes and
morphology (small size, short primary projection, russet tail contrasting
with back, maxilla mostly yellowish with on a small dark
tip).  Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain adequate documentary
evidence, if that is even possible without a specimen.

Noel Wamer
Jacksonville, FL, US
Mosaics by Noel & Terry -

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