I received a message tonight that has made me think that perhaps we should
have a better understanding about posting photos.  Those of us who are lucky
enough to have fast access, such as dsl or cable connections, can easily
forget that there are many who live in areas where these services are not
yet available and have no option but to have a dial-up access with a much
slower modem.

For now, please send me your photos and let me schedule them.  I have had at
least one person do that already.

This may result in a delay but I believe it will work better that way.  It
is on a trial basis.

Send them and the message which you plan to send to
[log in to unmask]

Please keep your photos to about 40KB.  Apparently my maximum was a little
over that.

If you would prefer to be on digest, or on index which I have explained
before, send a message to Listserv with the command, SET FLORIDABIRDS-L
DIGEST [or INDEX].  Digest gives you all the day's messages at one time but
includes the code for photos.  For INDEX, Listserv will send you a list of
the day's messages and you can pick out the ones you want to get and send it
back to Listserv and then you will get only those messages.  In this way you
can eliminate the pictures which would come to you in code.

We have had some really good photos, and I plan to continue them, but in
order to do so, we will need to take it slow and easy.

If you have any comments or questions, please write me, not the list.


Barbara Passmore

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