Hi all,
I've received a few inquiries about the two AOU splits I mentioned
earlier, the Common Snipe and Tufted Titmouse. So for those interested,
the Latin names are as follows:

>Wilson's Snipe (which is the name in my old Peterson): Gallinago
>Common Snipe (Eurasian) Gallinago gallinago
>Tufted Titmouse: Baeolophus bicolor (our common Titmouse)
>Black-crested Titmouse: Baeolophus atricristatus (found mainly in Texas)

The 2 Snipes were once considered subspecies but have now been given
full-species status. The 2 Titmice were originally considered 2 separate
species, were lumped, and now are split once more. For a complete listing
of N.A birds and their Latin names check out the AOU web site
http://www.aou/org/  and click on Check-list of North American Birds.

Good birding!
Ray Smart
New Port Richey, FL
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