Hi all,

Work and homework have been taking up all of my time and energy lately, but
I have still managed to get out and do some birding.  I had a great trip to
the keys culminating with Larry's pelagic trip on Saturday the 24th.  Some
of the highlights were lots of Black-whiskered vireos, tons of White-crowned
pigeons, Antillean nighthawks on Big Pine and Marathon Airport and three
Smooth-billed anis in two locations on Key West.  Some of the local hotspots
have been Blackpoint and T.M. Goodwyn Waterfowl Management Area.

Last Monday at Blackpoint #6, there was a congregation of terns which
included lots of Caspian, Royal, Forster's, and Black, along with two
Gull-billed and a Sandwich and lots of skimmers.  That is only the second
Sandwich I have seen on Blackpoint.  There were 16 species of shorebirds in
the couple hours that I stood there.  Two Wilson's phalaropes made a brief
appearance and a White-rumped sandpiper tried to convince me that it was a
Baird's. The birds were coming and going during the whole time with probably
no more than 12-13 species of shorebirds at any given moment.

Goodwyn Marsh has consistently produced Black-bellied whistling ducks around
dusk.  Swallows pass over by the hundreds (1200 Barns along with 30 Cliff
and 20 Bank.)  Both night-herons are usually present.  Purple gallinules,
Limpkins, occasionally Least bittern, Caracara, Snail kite have all shown up
recently.  Songbirds can be common in the trees along the eastern dike.
Kingbirds are often on the wires.  A huge roost of waders is right across
from the parking lot.  All of this can be seen just from the parking lot or
on a short walk the office.  Bobolinks have been streaming over all day
today.  In the past, I have seen 12000+ in about 1 1/2 hours in mid-Sept.

Directions for Goodwyn:

I-95 Exit #70 (not 70A)
East to Babcock Street (first light)
Turn Right.
Go south about 13 miles.
Cross C54 Canal bridge and turn right (look for Stick Marsh Signs)
6.3 miles to parking lot.
Goodwyn marsh is north, across the canal and to the left.

I'm on my way now.

David Simpson
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Fellsmere, FL

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